A door leading to Japan in the historical Palazzo Coppini of Florence

From November 16, 2016, to January 2017, the exhibition of Japanese traditional lacquer titled “Unveiled Emotions, Culture Revealed” will bring you completely in a new dimension, by making you see, feel and smell the finest traditions of Japanese culture.

Unveiled Emotions, cultures revealed

The curator of the exhibition, Dr. Francesco Civita, presents his personal collection in the unique location of the Florentine Palazzo Coppini (Via del Giglio 10), which will host, starting from January 19th, 2017, also the cultural course “A Window Towards Japan: keys for understanding a distant culture getting closer and closer” lectured by the same Dr. Civita (more info on www.lifebeyondtourism.org).

unveiled emotions

Vivafirenze.it highly recommends this exhibition, a valuable occasion to merge yourself in another world, right in the middle of the historical center of Florence!