The Medici Villas in 7 stages – 2nd part

Do you like to to enrich your trip in Florence? This post is for you.

We started a tour to the Medici villas and gardens in Florence that have just entered on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site and you can read here. Today it’s time to leave the city to go in search of riches in its beautiful surroundings.

Villa Medicea, Fiesole

Villa Medicea, Fiesole

3rd stage: Fiesole

The ancient Roman colony that sits on a hill to the north of Florence hosts a grand Medici Villa, overlooking a breathtaking view. The villa, also known as the ‘Palagio di Fiesole’, was created in 1450 by Michelozzo as the first model for the future buildings. The garden is realized in three terraces with stunning blooms of magnolias.

Prco di Villa Demidoff

Parco di Villa Demidoff a Pratolino

Let us go up the hills to the town of Pratolino. Here you should take a walk in the park of modern Villa Demidoff. The original Medici Villa of Pratolino was unfortunately demolished in the nineteenth century and this large garden is remained, though modified over time. The park is one of the most important examples o English gardens and preserves the Renaissance origin thanks to the majestic “Colossus of the Apennines” by Giambologna, the Chapel of Buontalenti and numerous fountains and artificial lakes.

4rd stage: the Mugello area

Let’s climb again in altitude and we go back in time with two of the oldest property of the Medici’s: the Trebbio Castle, which dominates the Val di Sieve, and the Villa of Cafaggiolo. They were  fortified structure of medieval origin that was maintained also after the restructuring of the Renaissance architect Michelozzo.

Villa di Cafaggiolo

Villa di Cafaggiolo, Barberino del Mugello

At the end of these two stages, rest here and let’s enjoy the fresh and the culinary delights of the Mugello.

Meanwhile, although it is a very difficult operation, choose between these your favorite Medici Villa and use it as a reference point to find accommodation for your next stay in Florence. How? Thanks to the portal you can easily decide whether to return among the gentle rolling hills of Fiesole or if you enjoy the top of the fresh green in Pratolino.

So many treasures at few kilometers from Florence: you never thought there? Updated maps of your browser, we are waiting  for you… and our journey is not over yet.

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