A new Vivafirenze.it for you!

Our young project is in its first most important turning poin . As we approach the 300 structures that have chosen to believe in the Vivafirenze.it project, we are preparing for a 2014 full of changes.

the next Vivafirenze.it is coming soon

We’ll give you (and to us) a new website, tailor-made to our needs to bring in Florence a innovative and unique model of tourism of which we told you about here.

The our new website will be even better to navigate because it will be:

- Fast, intuitive and functional.

- With a fresh design to describe our bond with Florence and the territory thanks to the renewed section devoted to the areas of Florence with descriptions, photos and itineraries.

- With more details and photographs to easily choose the most suitable accommodation for your stay in Florence, also based on the kind of services offered.

- With more specials and packages to give you one more reason to choose Florence for your next trip .

- Our unique fundraising platform becomes more accessible, intuitive and transparent why choose Vivafrenze.it it means to sustain the land and the Florentine culture in a concrete and tangible way.

And then … we can not tell you everything now that we have yet to imagine, to work , to design.

But maybe you could start thinking about what you would like to find in a booking portal: what information you are looking for more often? What makes the difference in your choice?

We listened to our partners and we are attentive to the latest trends in booking services and tourism communication, but but travelers are the real heart of the journey so we think to them while we are designing our new vivafirenze.it.

Stay tuned.

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