VivaToscana presented at event BTO Buying Tourism Online

Year 2017 will see the tenth edition of “BTO – Buying Tourism Online” event in Florence, important Italian exhibition dedicated to the inditstry of tourism: stories of future scenarios, start-up competitions, experiments on the use of digital tools to connect companies, analysis of the ethical issues in the age of artificial intelligence, proposals to discover magic places where travel is still considered a valuable experience.


VivaFirenze will be present during “Short Stories form Tuscany” session, on November 30th, at 3.30 p.m. in the area called ARENA dedicated to “presentations”.
We will be within a panel coordinated by the director of Toscana Promozione Turistica Mr. Alberto Peruzzini and we will share the panel with other two realities that narrate the story of a Tuscany that enhance sustainability, accessibility, and responsibility.

It will be the opportunity to present the home page of the new VivaToscana booking portal, regional versione of the current VivaFirenze. The regional portal will be online at the end of the year with the new territorial projects to be supported, in the style of Life Beyond Tourism.

We remind that the competition launched in September, within the “World Tourism Unesco” event in Siena to candidate new projects for conservation and enhancement of Tuscan heritage, has been extended until December the 15th, to give another chance to associations to propose their ideas. The winning projects will be included in VivaToscana portal. Interesting news is that travelers can – if they wish – visit the selected projects, know them and perhaps “live them” through the experiences that will be proposed and managed by the associations themselves.

With VivaToscana, the network of sustained projects and accommodations get larger to give the opportunity – for those who travel in this extraordinary region – to be more aware and to feel deeply in relation with the visited territories, with their heritage and the communities they live in.

Win Florence thanks to photos of “Travel and Dialogue for Expo 2015″ is proud partner of an initiative promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation of Florence for the Universal Exhibition held in Milan since last May.

The photo contest “Travel and Dialogue for Expo 2015. Feeding the planet, energy for life” is an opportunity to decline the main theme of EXPO2015 through original photographic works placed on the cultural portal

Travel and Dialogue

Participation is free and open to anyone who would reflect on the themes of education and enhancement of food, environmental and cultural heritage and how landscape and food production are part of the cultural heritage and expression of the place. The photograph that will be voted by users of the community’s photoblog will receive a generous prize consists of:

  • Life Beyond Tourism® AWARD €500,00
  • Publication of the photos in the Magazine of the Community Life Beyond Tourism
  • Certification of results, delivered during the opening ceremony of the exhibition of a selection of photographs in Florence
  • Voucher for two nights for two people in the Pilot Scheme Life Beyond Tourism Hotels (Hotel 4 Stars) spendable throughout 2015

You can upload photos on the page at this link by July 10, 2015, and vote for your favorite until 20 July 2015.

ENGPhotocontest  Travel and Dialogue for Expo 2015. Feeding the Planet  energy for life    Photoblog   Life Beyond Tourism is practical application orientation Life Beyond Tourism promoted by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation, which promotes intercultural dialogue worldwide through the enhancement of cultural heritage, tourism and travel.

Have you been in Florence? A pictures of that trip could be the winner.
Always dreamed to visit Florence? This is a good opportunity to try it

‘Human’: an exhibition at Forte Belvedere

Florence is an open-air museum to which we add the heritage preserved in more or less famous museums and galleries. It is not common to have also a particular area as ‘Forte Belvedere’ where organize intense-exhibition in the open. It is one of two forts that offers a view of Florence from above in an atmosphere of unique tranquility.

'Critical mass' A. Gramsley

‘Critical mass’ A. Gramsley

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St.Valentine’s day in Florence: not the same candies!

This year the St.Valentine Day gives to lovers, boyfriends, couples, friends and future brides a good opportunity for a weekend out thanks to the calendar with romanticism and cuddles.

Florence was the cradle of love between Dante and Beatrice and offers the ingredients for the perfect weekend: a rich artistic heritage, an offer of theaters, museums and much varied entertainment , great food, famous wine in the world and then the streets of the historic center, the dome by Brunelleschi , the view from Piazzale Michelangelo and the windows of jewelers in Ponte Vecchio for a “simple” walk.

St. Valentine's day in Florence

St. Valentine’s day in Florence

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In Florence with Dante: What to do in 4 moves

Dante and Florence are two of the most important symbols of the Italian culture in the world.
Speaking of Dante in Florence means observe the proud Florentines shown the statue that portrays the great poet in Piazza Santa Croce, stroll the streets of downtown to point you in the small Church of Dante and Beatrice or the large amount of scattered tombstones that recall the deeds and writings.

In order not to miss anything in your travel in Florence on Dante route we point out four things to absolutely do if you are in town or alternatively to prepare for a future Florentine sortie staying at home.

Roberto Benigni "Tutto Dante" in Piazza Santa Croce Photo by Maurizio Degl'Innocenti

Roberto Benigni “Tutto Dante” in Piazza Santa Croce
Photo by Maurizio Degl’Innocenti

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5 Things to do in Florence on 24th of June

On June  24th, Florence celebrates St. John the Baptist with a very important city holiday. If you have decided to stay or get in town for the occasion, we suggest 5 things to do to enjoy a day of vacation in Florence.

  •  The fireworks show is the traditional way to celebrates the saint patron. It will start at 10pm of the next Monday and it is free for all. So direct your look to Piazzale Michelangelo, from where the  fireworks will started. A striking point of view is that offered by the Santa Trinita bridge, but it is not the only one. We point out on the initiative of the cultural association inZuppa which organizes a picnic with a tablecloth and binoculars on the beach of Lungarno Serristori.Fochi_di_San_Giovanni

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Dan Brown in Florence: the Inferno is here!

Robert Langdon, the character created by Dan Brown, comes to Florence to decipher a mystery linked to Dante Alighieri, after the big successes of The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons.

The Harvard professor of art history and symbologist meets in the novel “Inferno” the medieval symbolism and places told by Dante in the Divine Comedy. The great italian poet is watching us from the cover of the book and, within a few pages, the plot of the story takes us back to a contemporary Florence that contains within it the richness and mystery of destinations so appreciated from travellers from all over the world.


It is no coincidence that the novel starts from the fourteenth-century bell tower of the Badia Fiorentina and continues over the sights of Florence and it can easily become a great itinerary for the city centre.

We can start from Porta Romana and the nearby Boboli Gardens with the famous Grotta del Buontalenti. We arrive at Pitti Palace, a grand residence of the Medici family, and through the wonderful Vasari Corridor will take you directly in the Palazzo Vecchio.
The Florentine tour of the protagonist stops at the Baptistery of San Giovanni, but for a good itinerary in the Dante atmosphere we recommend you the Museo Casa di Dante, the nearby Church of Dante and Beatrice, and of course Piazza Santa Croce.


For readers of his novels and for fans of stories set in Florence there are two events to mark on your calendar with Dan Brown:

  • Wednesday, June 5th the presentation of the book to the Sala dei Gigli in the Palazzo Vecchio
  • Thursday, June 6th at 6.30pm at the Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in the program of the event “Repubblica delle Idee” with Vittorio Zucconi, an italian journalist

The hell has never been so glamorous as in Florence!