VivaToscana presented at event BTO Buying Tourism Online

Year 2017 will see the tenth edition of “BTO – Buying Tourism Online” event in Florence, important Italian exhibition dedicated to the inditstry of tourism: stories of future scenarios, start-up competitions, experiments on the use of digital tools to connect companies, analysis of the ethical issues in the age of artificial intelligence, proposals to discover magic places where travel is still considered a valuable experience.


VivaFirenze will be present during “Short Stories form Tuscany” session, on November 30th, at 3.30 p.m. in the area called ARENA dedicated to “presentations”.
We will be within a panel coordinated by the director of Toscana Promozione Turistica Mr. Alberto Peruzzini and we will share the panel with other two realities that narrate the story of a Tuscany that enhance sustainability, accessibility, and responsibility.

It will be the opportunity to present the home page of the new VivaToscana booking portal, regional versione of the current VivaFirenze. The regional portal will be online at the end of the year with the new territorial projects to be supported, in the style of Life Beyond Tourism.

We remind that the competition launched in September, within the “World Tourism Unesco” event in Siena to candidate new projects for conservation and enhancement of Tuscan heritage, has been extended until December the 15th, to give another chance to associations to propose their ideas. The winning projects will be included in VivaToscana portal. Interesting news is that travelers can – if they wish – visit the selected projects, know them and perhaps “live them” through the experiences that will be proposed and managed by the associations themselves.

With VivaToscana, the network of sustained projects and accommodations get larger to give the opportunity – for those who travel in this extraordinary region – to be more aware and to feel deeply in relation with the visited territories, with their heritage and the communities they live in.

VivaFirenze applies to the Italian prizes “Italian responsible tourism” and “Unesco culture tourism”, year 2017

“The Travel Agency” is the first multimedia tourist information network in Italy, whose publications – both on paper and online – are addressed to tourism professionals, therefore in general to all those involved in the Italian and international travel industry.
In 2010, the Travel Agency established the “responsible awards”, that are the Italian Responsible Tourism Award (TRI) and the UNESCO Culture Tourism Award (TCU), both dedicated to Cristina Ambrosini.


The first acknowledgment is aimed to tourism companies and professionals who, through their work, promote a culture of responsibility and sustainability: respect for the environment, biodiversity, culture and local populations. has decided to take part to it together with Travelability, submitting a focused project. Travelability – which was introduced to you in the post of January – is a leader in personal assistance and in tourism and organizes assisted and customized travels for all people with disabilities, non-self-reliance (even temporary) or with particular health needs who desire to spend a holiday in Tuscany, offering a top-level support and so a unique experience out of the traditional circuits.
The synergy between our portal and Travelability therefore aims to offer a concrete answer for a sustainable and responsible tourism, replicable in time, possible for future generations, careful towards a heritage to be discovered but also to be preserved, to territories, local communities, travellers, in the specific sense of accessibility for all, because beauty can be really available and also be each one’s heritage. has chosen to apply also for the second award, as it is pointed to tourism companies and professionals who, through their work, promote national and international cities, sites and territories included in the World Heritage List. The historic center of Florence was listed on the world heritage list in 1982. It is also remembered that – in the surroundings of Florence – there are other UNESCO sites, as San Gimignano since 1990, the Medici’s Villas from June 2013 and finally the National Park and Sasso Fratino’s Integral Reserve right from July this year, designated for its ecological and conservation significance.
The two awards ceremony will be held on September 23, during the WTU – World Tourism Unesco – at the Museum Complex of Santa Maria della Scala in the city of Siena.