HERITAGE for Planet Earth®: 19th General Assembly of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation

11st – 12nd March, Centro Congressi al Duomo, Florence: 19th General Assembly of the International Experts of the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation and international conference HERITAGE for Planet Earth®.


The conference took place at the presence of 250 participants from 104 cities of 48 countries on 5 continents, with the participation of the Tuscany Region, the City of Florence, UNESCO, UNWTO, ICCROM, ICOMOS, ICOM, Nasa and ESA experts, with 62 patronships granted to the event.

Turning around the centrality of the word “culture”, was discussed the issue of the communities involved in the industry of travelling, called “Learning Communities”. They consist of residents, travellers, providers of local services, cultural institutions, intermediaries, public authorities and administrations, research centers, training and education institutions, designers who must provide structural responses to market needs.

Sure enough, the market wants to impose its rules and its direction of development, which actually only replies to the logic of profit.

Each geographical area – instead – may propose its own cultural and natural heritage, in particular the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which have extraordinary features that attract visitors from all over the world. And above all, they have the opportunity to promote intercultural dialogue, giving a tangible contribution to the international community. It’s time to propose a new commercial offer based on a new ethic for the growth of the international community, also through proposals useful to protect the environment from market manipulations that could impose an unsustainable development.

The objective is generally to ensure that each region obtains awareness and self-knowledge, deciding independently upon its own development, so reducing the risk of being dominated by a leveling market, which does not often value local peculiarities and concentrate resources for its own purpose to enrichment, in a logic of mere enrichment, the only goal of the current tourims paradigm based on services and consumptions.
Instead, if the travel experience, traveler, heritage and local communities become essential, it will be possible suggest a different commercial and cultural offer, both culturally and environmentally sustainable for the international community, in a context of peaceful coexistence and respect for the Planet Earth.

2017: Year of sustainable tourism. 2013-2022 International Decade of Rapprochement of cultures. A new concept of tourism and travelling can help to promote dialogue among cultures. This was the initial intuition of the president Paolo Del Bianco: heritage – to be preserved and conserved for future generations – as an instrument to exercise ourselves towards dialogue. The income generated by the flows of travellers should be kept locally and reinvested in the territory of travel destination itself. Business is to be perceived as a strategy and not a goal. Cultural development and promotion of intercultural dialogue to be inserted as one of the millennium goals, with the example of what is being concretely realized by the Romualdo Del Bianco Foundation.

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