Palazzo Coppini, a ‘new’ historical building in Florence

The historic centre of Florence is filled with small stars that tell us the wealth built by the many families of nobles, merchants and craftsmen. So each building is a story within a story: in the facades with the characteristic medieval gates reinforced by the nails and in the towers “scapezzate” broken off in 1250, in the changes during the Renaissance and often also during the nineteenth-century.

This important heritage in the Florentine streets has lost  the traditional function as family residence and has been transformed into hotels, guesthouses, offices or shops.

Palazzo Coppini portonePortone Palazzo Coppini

Among the many buildings, we like to tell you about Palazzo Coppini, home of the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco® -Life Beyond Tourism®, that is working for twenty years to stimulate the intercultural dialogue thank to international meetings in Florence with thousands of students and lecturers from universities around the world. The Palace is located in Via del Giglio between the Medici Chapels and Santa Maria Novella and was recently restored.

Plazzo Coppini Foto

The restoration has enhanced the historical layers of the building and made it a beautiful space for meetings, events and conferences with the construction of seven rooms for a maximum capacity of 150 people. The point of interest is in the addition of a contemporary history of value represented by the gifts donated to the Foundation that are exposed here to the testimony of many interwoven relationship in these years. Particularly striking is the collection of 6000 texts in 101 alphabets that tell the artistic heritage of so different places in the world.

libri Palazzo CoppiniPalazzo Coppini sala

So let’s welcome the International Meeting and Study Centre of Palazzo Coppini, with his idea of renewal that lies in the history and opens up to the city and, from this, to the world. Our best wishes to the Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco®- Life Beyond Tourism® that VivaFirenze has chosen to support with part of the proceeds of the bookings that are made ​​on our website.

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