The Medici Villas in 7 stages

Are you going for a trip in Florence? We present to you a new itinerary to follow in the footsteps and the history of the Medici family. Why don’t you start with a tour in twelve Medici villas that just recently been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites?

The villas are concrete proof of the system created by the Medici family that has so strongly influenced the history of Tuscany and the development of all the arts of the Italian Renaissance. This itinerary will let you know the art cities and small villages, wandering through the unique Tuscan countryside and travelling in time to savor the essence of so precious places.
Today we present the first two stages of this tour departing from Florence, and from where else?

First stage

We start from the hills of Arcetri with the Villa Poggio Imperiale, which now houses the lucky classes of an high school and then go down beyond Porta Romana for a stop to the Boboli Gardens.

Villa Poggio Imperiale, Firenze

Villa Poggio Imperiale, Firenze

This wonderful example of Italian garden was created to cheer stays in the Pitti Palace of the Grand Dukes. It is large about 45.000mq and it is enriched by statues, fountains and buildings added over time. Inside is the Porcelain Museum in the Palazzina del Cavaliere with the collections of Peter Leopold and Ferdinand III.

Boboli gardens, Firenze

Boboli Gardens, Firenze

Second stage

We move in the hills on the northside of Florence to arrive in Villa Careggi, one of the oldest of the family villa. Here Lorenzo the Magnificent was born and died and established the headquarters of the Neoplatonic Academy, the major philosophical school of Italian humanism.
We continue north and we stop at Villa Petraia which still retains the tower overlooking the garden with views of Florence. The Villa can be visited free of charge and is not far from the Villa di Castello. This houses the seat of the Accademia della Crusca and offers a beautiful garden with the precious collections of rare plants begun by Cosimo I.

Villa Careggi- Villa di Castello- Villa Petraia, Firenze

Villa Careggi- Villa di Castello- Villa Petraia, Firenze

Choose To make truly unique your trip: you will can  have your accommodation in facilities closer to our stops as a modern Grand Tour. Start choosing for your stay in the area of Porta Romana and then we stop in the neighborhood of Rifredi in the second half.

Enjoy the view of Florence and choose your favorite panoramic point of view because in the next stages we will turn away to explore other villas that springing up the surroundings.

Stay tuned on our news to learn about the route that we have planned for you.

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