The Medici Villas in 7 stages – 3rd part

An half-day of free time, a car with a full tank of gas, a camera and your search for beauty sensor activated: let’s start …

We complete our itinerary for the Medici Villas started in the previous post: we left Florence in the first part of our itinerary and then we went around Fiesole and up in Mugello area in the second half.

Today we return to low altitude and leave again from the Villa of Cerreto Guidi in Chianti area that houses the ‘Museum of Hunting and territory’.

Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi

Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi

There is still much to do…

Fifth stage

We go up north and we arrive at the Villa of Artimino in Carmignano, called ‘La Ferdinanda’ from the name of the Grand Duke who had it built. The symbolic work of the renaissance architect Bernardo Buontalenti now houses the Archaeological Museum and a space open to the public for meetings and receptions, near a beautiful medieval village.

Villa medicea di artimino Photo by Larry Ewing

Villa medicea di artimino
Photo by Larry Ewing

A short distance away, also in the province of Prato, there is the Villa of Poggio a Caiano. This villa is certainly  the symbol of Lorenzo the Magnificent and of his humanist conception that had marked all the architecture created for him. Today it houses the Museum of Still Life with collections of works belonging to the Medici family. From this point of view  we can imagine the extent of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany between Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

Villa Medicea di Poggio a Caiano

Let us pause for a moment, but not too much, we still have for you a few pleasant surprises.

Sixth Stage

The Medici Villa of Quarrata is called ‘La Màgia’- be attentive to the pronunciation on the first a! – It lies on the Montalbano mount between Prato and Pistoia, detected by the Medici family from Panciatichi’s. The Villa has been appreciated in its beauty by a large park that homes now a particular open-air museum of environmental art, as well as a playground for the little ones.

Villa La Magia a Quarrata Photo by G.Sighele

Villa La Magia a Quarrata
Photo by G.Sighele

Seventh stage

Finally, we travel to the coast to get to Seravezza with its Palace. It was built by Cosimo I in a strategic point at the foot of the Apuan Alps and the Versilia area overlooking the precious marble and silver mines nearby. The Palace houses a library, the Museum of Work and popular traditions of the historical Versilia well as cultural events.

La Villa di Seravezza, lunetta di Giusto Utens, Museo di Firenze com'era

La Villa di Seravezza, lunetta di Giusto Utens, Museo di Firenze com’era

Now you just need to choose among the twelve villas we visited your favorite and use it as a reference point to find accommodation for your next stay in Florence.

How? Thanks to the portal you can easily decide whether to return among the gentle rolling hills of Fiesole, if you enjoy the cool climate in the green surroundings of money order or close to the villages of Poggio a Caiano and Artimino or in the Florence historic center close to the Boboli Gardens .

See you soon with the next route with!

photo credits: Flickr- Flavio / Larry Ewing / Giovanni Sighele Wikimedia commons

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