Vivafirenze and AITR together with the same purpose: spreading a new culture of travel

The end of February brings an important news to Vivafirenze: there is a new partnership in fact with AITR, Italian Association for Responsible Tourism. The round table that was held last February 15 in Florence at Palazzo Coppini has highlighted immediately an extraordinary harmony of values, attitudes, vision of the journey and of the traveler.

Going beyond the thought of a tourist as a person distracted and superficial, the traveller rediscovers to be part of a complex dynamic, in which everyone must respect and preserve the balance for a sustainable and profitable survival of all the actors involved in the touristic experience.

From the term “tourism” the emphasis shifts to the word “journey“: the knowledge, the discovery, the excitement of visiting new and enchanted places, full of art, should be included in a synergistic way in connection with the travellers and the local communities, so that no one is impoverished or deprived of something, but the widespread, continuous and common experience of travelling enriches, improves and enhances all parties involved, with a special attention to the context in which the adventure of the journey takes place, that is the environment.

From all this, the idea and the will to cooperate together.

AITR is an association that brings together associations, organizations and cooperatives that operate in the field of responsible tourism.
It does not pursue profit, either direct or indirect. It works to promote, qualify, disseminate, research, update, protect the cultural content and the resulting practical actions related to the term “responsible tourism”; It promotes the culture and the practice of Responsible Tourism journeys and promotes knowledge, coordination and synergies among members.

Vivafirenze and AITR are working on a partnership, thanks to which there will be the opportunity to work and participate together in one another’s activities and initiatives, particularly in the education sector with the involvement of the International Institute Life Beyond Tourism.

A non-profit portal and an association committed to promote the values ​​of responsible tourism together because every journey can leave a gift to every traveler and every land visited.

Picture by Dom Weeks

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